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Our Newest Online Course on Selling to CFOs: 'Release the Funds, 

“How Great Salespeople Are Selling to CFOs... So You Can Get Deals FUNDED Despite An Economic Downturn and Close Bigger Deals Faster

"Build business cases that get CFOs to say YES, build champions that get budget approval, and learn exactly how to think and sell to CFOs with rock-solid confidence."
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10,000+ salespeople are selling to CFOs.
Here's what they're saying about courses.

Jasi Johnson

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"Finished my quarter at 152%"

Sean O'Brien

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"Finished at 180% and led the team in ARR for the year."

Alex Moffitt

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Marshall Weill

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"My sales calls are lightyears better now"

Luciano Scala

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Tom Alaimo

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EJ Eitel

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"Packed with techniques, reusable frameworks, examples"

Lorraine Pettit

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Griffin Casey

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Here's What's Inside Our Selling to CFOs Course


11 Deadly Mistakes Salespeople Make Selling to CFOs

● Before you learn what WORKS, you have to know what KILLS deals.

● You'll start by learning deal-killing mistakes salespeople make selling to CFOs...

● Based on interviews with 10 CFOs of $100,000,000+ companies (including Gong, Drift, and Invoca)

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How to 'Speak CFO' When Selling to CFOs

● Learn exactly what CFOs care about (and how they make spend decisions)

● Work every deal with rock solid confidence and get inside the mind of the CFO

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How to Build a Business Case That Gets CFOs to Say 'YES!'

● Learn exactly what billion-dollar CFOs look for in business cases. 

● Get the exact structure, ROI calculation, and 'value story' in place your champion needs to get APPROVED!

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How to Get 'Access' In Selling to CFOs (and WIN)

● Trick question: How do you get access to CFOs in your deal?

● Answer: You don't! CFOs HATE meeting with salespeople

● Learn exactly how to 'get to the CFO' indirectly through FP&A and your champion

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How to create champions that sell to CFOs successfully

● Champion development is the most critical skill in winning over CFOs.

● You'll learn dozens of tools, templates, frameworks, and techniques to get your champion to WIN budget approval (even from STINGY CFOs)

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...And MORE! DOZENS OF battle-tested strategies. Proven to win in selling to CFOs and get a 'YES' on the spend request


These are advanced techniques NOT for beginners and

can lead to very large annual incomes"

My personal annual income. Results not typical!
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Here's The Selling to CFOs Curriculum 

Part 1: Introduction

  •  Welcome and my journey
  • The New Economy: CFO as King and Queen

Part 2: 10 Deadly Mistakes Salespeople Make Selling to CFOs

  • Falling short on the buying process
  • Believing ROI is everything
  • Picking the wrong champion
  • Creating the wrong business case
  • Creating the right business case in the wrong context
  • No 'throat to choke'
  • Failing to coach your champion (like hell)
  • Not 'memorializing' ROI into the action plan
  • Not 'committing' to the ROI (put your money where your mouth is)
  • Trying to get CFOs to like you (rather than respect you)
  • How to "peel back the onion" to get to pain
  • How to validate (not just identify) true pain.

Part 3: How to 'Speak CFO' - Getting Inside the CFO's Mind

  • The role of the CFO in the business (and what that means for you)
  • Exactly what metrics CFOs care about
  • How CFOs think and make spend decisions
  • Everything you need to know about 'budgets'

Part 4: How (And Why) to Build 'Above the Noise' Value

  • The four 'Value Drivers' CFOs spend money on
  • Key mistakes salespeople make positioning their value to CFOs
  • How to position (and reposition) your value
  • The sobering truth: "Just because there's ROI doesn't mean I'm buying"

Part 5: Champion Selection and Development

  • How to double your odds of closing: pick the right champion
  • Your champion's financial reputation
  • Free-spenders vs. stewards of capital
  • If your champion didn't author the business case, it's not real
  • "This is the champion's job, not mine!" -CFOs everywhere

Part 6: Build a Business Case That Gets CFOs to Say 'YES!'

  • Fluffy bullshit vs. bulletproof business cases
  • The exact structure and components that go into business cases that win
  • What format should you create your business case in?
  • Why YOU should not author the business case (and what to do instead)
  • How to work with FP&A: the CFO's 'trusted partner'

Part 7: How to 'Get Access' to CFOs (Direct and Indirect)

  • The harsh reality: The CFO doesn't want to talk to you
  • How to 'pull forward' budget approval to early in the sales cycle
  • Understanding the buying process so you don't get BLINDSIDED
  • Working with your champion and FP&A every step of the way

Part 8: Value Realization: The 'Sooth-Sayer' of CFOs

  • The CFO's mortal enemy: unproductive spend
  • 'How are you going to prevent this from being shelf ware?'
  • How (and why) to put you and your champion 'on the hook'
  • Your champion must be the 'throat to choke'
  • Presenting an action plan: How you'll extract value from the spend

Part 9: Defend Price, Negotiate, and Close

  • Dealing with procurement
  • Exactly what internal 'price' conversations sound like with CFOs
  • How to stand your ground and win at the price you want
  • Getting inside the mind of procurement and the CFO

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FAQs on Selling to CFOs

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The "You Crushed That Call!" Guarantee

"If a colleague or customer doesn't actively tell you how much you CRUSHED a sales call because of the techniques you learn in this course, you get your money back...  How's that for a no-brainer?

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Chris Orlob, CEO

Chris Orlob (@Chris_Orlob) / Twitter

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"Learn How Top Salespeople Are Selling to CFOs In An Economic Downturn... So You Can Close Bigger Deals FASTER... and Take Your SaaS Income and Revenue to the Next Level”

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