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Introducing the premiere online course to WIN competitive deals

"Master These Competitive Selling Strategies, and You'll Never Lose a SaaS Deal to Your Competition Again."

"In this course, you'll learn more than 20 competitive selling strategies I used to drive competitors CRAZY while growing Gong to a $7.2B valuation."
🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

10,000+ tech salespeople growing their skills at companies like:


Chris Orlob

CEO of Former Head of Sales (Growth) at

The guy who helped grow Gong from $200k to $200M.

 Chris is a 'been there, done that' tech sales leader who's both DONE it himself, and trained 10,000+ sellers:

  •  Grew Gong from $200k to $200M in five years
  •  Grew personal income from $36k to $1.7M in tech sales
  •  On a mission to teach YOU how to become an 'outlier success' in tech sales
🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥
These are ADVANCED strategies that will drive your competitors crazy.

Here's What's Inside!

How to rig deals in YOUR FAVOR, step-by-step.

● Two step-by-step techniques to rig the buying criteria in YOUR FAVOR.

● Word-for-word questions and exercises you can STEAL and use today.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

7 tactics to WIN before the battle even STARTS.

● Set up EVERY deal to be "competitor proof"

● Undermine your competitors before they even come into the deal (WITHOUT "slinging mud")

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

How to win at YOUR price (even with cheap competitors)

● Tired of getting undercut and ground down on price? Learn how to "box out" your competitors from the negotiation.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

The Nuclear Option: What to do when you're LOSING.

● Two "turnaround" tactics to SAVE deals before you lose.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

How to create a "political web" that favors YOU.

● You'll win and lose deals at the political and org dynamics level. You'll learn how to build a "web network" -- a NIGHTMARE for your competitors.


🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

More than 10 real-life case studies, exercises, and examples.

● You'll get worksheets, case studies, and concrete examples so you can start using these techniques, FAST.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

...And MORE! OVER 20 battle-tested strategies. Proven to drive competitors CRAZY.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

Ordinary Salespeople. Extraordinary Results.

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

VALUE $997

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Here’s the full curriculum breakdown.

  Part 1: Introduction

  •  Welcome and my journey
  • Product differentiation is dead (here's why)

Part 2: Rig the Buying Criteria

  • How to rig the "root cause" in your favor
  • How to rig the desired solution in your favor
  • TEACH your buyer to favor you with a Nexus
  • How to get buyers to crave your differentiation
  • Super social proof
  • A controversial technique: The Bull Charge
  • Competitive sales judo
  • How to redefine the scope of the deal to WIN
  • A landmine that ensnares your competition

Part 3: Rig the Buying Process

  • How to get an exclusive evaluation
  • How to add or remove buying steps to WIN
  • When (and how) to accelerate the deal
  • When (and how) to DELAY a deal 
  • How to get your buyer to change an unfair process
  • Live to fight another day

Part 4: Rig the Buying Committee

  • How to "craft" the right blend of people
  • How and why to loop in "winning" stakeholders
  • How to sell around saboteur stakeholders
  • Find, build, and equip a "bulldog champion"
  • Co-selling with a "power partner"
  • Get Power to exercise authority in your favor

Part 5: Putting it all together

  • Conclusion
  • What's next?

🚀 Crush Your Competition! 🚀


One FREE group coaching certificate.

  • 🎁 One redeemable certificate to join our bi-weekly group coaching series hosted by a coach (VALUE: $1,250)
  • 🎁 Meet with 5-10 like-minded sales professionals in a group discussion to talk about how to take everyone's sales success to the next level.
  • 🎁 Get the group's perspective on challenging situations you're facing.
  • 🎁 Hear the winning sales tactics your peers are using to sell today
  • 🎁 Get expert guidance from a facilitator
  • 🎁 Build relationships and networks that can last a lifetime
🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥

The Objections to Commissions Mini Course

● Our never before released expert course on Objection Handling. For Rig the Game customers only.

● You'll learn a 7-step "system" to overcome ANY SaaS sales objection (ESPECIALLY pricing objections)

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥


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Normal Price: $997

Get access for: $99

🔥 Crush Your Competition 🔥