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10,000+ tech salespeople, SDRs, and sales leaders growing their skills and income


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Rig the Game 

"Master These Competitive Deal Strategies, And Never Lose a Deal To Your Competitors Again"

By Chris Orlob, CEO of

Learn the exact deal tactics and strategies we used to drive our competitors CRAZY and grow our company to 15x the valuation of our closest competitor.
  •  How to rig deals in your favor, step by step.
  •  7 tactics to win competitive deals before the battle even starts.
  •  How to win at YOUR price, even with cheap competitors. 
  •  The nuclear option: What to do when you're LOSING to turn it around.


  •  How to create a "political web" that favors YOU (and gives your competitors a hard time)
  •  How to rig the buying process in your favor, step by step. 
  •  How to rig the buying committee in your favor, step by step.
  •   More than 10 real life case studies, exercises, and examples.

Adam Jay, CRO

"I am shocked at how great this course was. There are over 20 competitive selling techniques in this course, and it feels like I stumbled on a treasure chest. Seriously. As a sales leader, my team has I’ve never been more in control of competitive deals; even in the face of low-priced competitors.”

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Selling With Champions

“How to Find and Empower Champions That ‘Run Through Brick Walls’ and SELL When You’re Not In the Room… So You Can Close Bigger Deals Faster Without Getting Ghosted
By Nate Nasralla, CEO of

The world’s expert on selling with champions teaches YOU a repeatable process for champion development so you can close large deals consistently.

  •   Exactly how to be the ‘puppet master’ of internal buying conversations… even when you’re not in the room!

  •   How to build bullet proof business cases that close seven figure deals… and get your champion to sell the hell out of them

  •   How to build a full-blown league of champions in a single account that rant and rave to their bosses that they WANT and NEED your product. 
  •  The tips and tricks for evaluating your champions, so you can find and build the ones that will take you the distance.

  •  Exactly how to gain credibility with your champions and build their trust so they’ll willingly run through walls for you.

  •  How to handle yourself in executive readouts so you wont miss your shot when the time comes.

Saif Quraishi,
Enterprise AE

Do NOT sign up unless you're prepared to be blown away by unconventional sales practices that less than 1% of salespeople use. Other teammates will notice. And you'll soon realize signing up was a no brainer, and it should cost more than whatever you invest.

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SaaS Discovery Masterclass

How Great SaaS Sellers Find and Quantify BIG Business Pain, "Create Urgency From Thin Air," And SELL In An Economic Meltdown" 
By Chris Orlob, CEO of
Learn the exact 5-step discovery system I used to grow Gong from $200k to $200M in ARR, build a $7.2 billion valuation, and train the #1 sales team to sell through an economic meltdown.
  •  Create business pain that MONEY follows so you can close more deals and STOP getting ghosted.

  •  Word for word questions to build ‘compounding urgency’ and get buyers to ACT (so YOU get paid).

     How to ‘rig’ deals in YOUR favor so you become ‘untouchable’ from competitors (even CHEAP ones!)  
  •  Build ‘negative impact’ and create INSANE buying urgency (all while getting your buyer to TRUST you)

  •  How to get customers to “run through WALLS” by tapping into ‘raw emotion’ (hint: value comes from contrast) 

  •  Unlock TOTAL insight into the buying process so you know EXACTLY what to do to close every deal in your pipeline.

Alex Moffitt, Sales Manager

"Trained our teams using this. Already seeing increased conversion. Several reps said this was the most actionable sales training they've ever done."

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Cold Email Conversion Machine

“How to Find and Empower Champions That ‘Run Through Brick Walls’ and SELL When You’re Not In the Room… So You Can Close Bigger Deals Faster Without Getting Ghosted
By Florian Tatulea, Director of Sales at Barley

Steal, swipe, and copy the cold email and outbound sequencing playbooks of one of the top B2B outbound prospectors in SaaS and B2B tech

  •  EXACTLY how your prospects approach their inboxes, and how to infiltrate it

  •  The undeniable benefits of storytelling and, how to captivate your readers

  •  Florin’s BEST-IN-CLASS copywriting fundamentals that’ll get your prospects begging for more info
  •  The KEY components of every single cold email and how to MAXIMIZE benefit from each

  •  How to personalize sequences and generate INTENSE interest up-and-down the buying chain

  •  The definitive logic to stitch cold emailing with other cold prospecting activities to create BULLETPROOF sequences

Saad Kahn, SDR Manager

"I used this course to train my SDR team and we saw a 78% increase in pipeline team-wide in the first month of applying the cold email and sequencing methods. I want my reps to be copywriting experts, and this is the best course for that."

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Win the Demo

How to Run SaaS Demos That SELL Like CRAZY Using the Exact 'System' That Closed $100,000,000 Worth of SaaS!
By Chris Orlob, CEO of
Learn the exact demo 'system' (and 50+ techniques) we used to close over $100,000,000  and GROW to a $7.2 billion valuation
  • Follow a proven six-step ‘system’ for structuring demos that SELL.

  •  Click-for-click formulas for running sales demos that get buyers to say YES!

  •  Get your buyers ENGAGED during your demo calls with a ‘war chest’ of tips, techniques, and tactics.



  •  Run group demos that WIN (instead of presenting to a group and hearing CRICKETS on the other end)

  •  Crush your competitors by turning your demos into a competitive WEAPON (sure, this isn’t NICE. But it sure does make money).

  •  A 7-step ‘messaging framework’ you can follow INSTANTLY to make each and every feature resonate.

Alex Dunnam, Account Executive

"Yesterday I had an onsite, 5-hour meeting with a Fortune 10 company. I used your demo methodology (start at 'El Dorado' then unpack it from there), in our meeting in building out a couple of things together, and the crowd went freaking wild."

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Killing the Maybe 

"Systematically Dismantle” Your Buyers Status Quo… And STOP Losing Deals to “No Decision"

Calum Kilgour and John Bissett of Slingshot Edge

Two of the world’s experts on using proven behavioral science to sell B2B technology will teach you how to craft sales narratives that switch your buyers from favoring the “status” quo to favoring ACTION

  • A messaging method to make your value proposition 22X more memorable to your prospect.
  •  Avoid the behaviors (that you likely use today) that create automatic resistance to change
  •  The three "value concepts" that motivate your buyers to advocate for change. 
  •  Step by step exercises and examples to help you use what you learn immediately.
  •  Exactly how to build a point of view (POV) that triggers deal-closing business conversations.
  •  How to overcome "fear of messing up" as predictably as the sun rising.
  •  PhD-level education on advanced psychology (harness this and get paid)
  •   Secrets of Hollywood storytelling proven to captivate buyers (and generate irresistible desire to buy)

Clark Green,
Sales Leader

"Our first meeting to second meeting conversion rate has tripled from 20% to 60% since applying what we learned in John and Calum's training."

⭐ Access for 40% OFF ⭐


Mutual Success Plan Mastery

How to Take Control of Your Sales Cycles, Drive Timeline, and CLOSE
By Nate Nasralla, CEO of
Learn a simple, step by step process to take control of your deals (and get your customer bought-in)
  •  Downloadable template you can use with your deals.

  •  The psychology of the mutual success plan (and how to get your buyer to OWN it)

  •  How to use "commitment and consistency" to work toward a close
  •  The right (and wrong) way to co-create a closing plan with your buyer.

  •  Top mistakes most AEs make when using mutual success plans.

  •  How to know exactly WHEN to build a mutual success plan within your sales process.

Matt Rogers,
Account Executive

I used your framework this week for the first time with my champion. We co-created it, and it’s such a solid framework. Game changer. This made it so we could get right into working on what it would take to get the green light and next steps. Invaluable.


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Conquer The Cold Call

The Exact Cold Calling 'System' I Used In 60,000 SaaS Cold Calls to Generate $300,000 In Annual Income By Age 26... PLUS close $1.472M In ARR Purely from Cold Calls
By Trent Dressell, $300k income by Age 26
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the exact cold calling system, scripts, and techniques I used to get promoted six times in four years and earn $300,000 in income by age 26
  •  Exact words, scripts, and techniques to DOUBLE your pipeline.

  •  REAL-LIFE Cold Call Recordings, So You Know EXACTLY How It's Done

  •  Exact Cold Call Frameworks to Drive Repeatable Success.

  • A proven framework for keeping yourself accountable and "winning the day."
  • ✅ How to Turn Your 'Tech Stack' Into CASH

  • How to start your calls without putting your prospect on the defensive.

  • Proven techniques for countering even the toughest objection.
  •  Cold call scripts you can steal that really work.

Alex Gutierrez, SDR

"Booked six meetings TODAY using techniques from your cold calling course! Really glad you put this out there. Sharing with the rest of my team."

⭐ Access for 50% OFF ⭐


Release The Funds

How Great Salespeople Are Selling to CFOs In An Economic Downturn... To Close Bigger Deals FASTER" 
By Chris Orlob, CEO of
Learn exactly how to think and sell to CFOs with rock-solid confidence in tight economic conditions. Get CFOs to say YES to your proposal.
  • ✅ 11 Deadly Mistakes Salespeople Make Selling to CFOs.

  • ✅ How to 'Speak CFO' When Selling to CFOs.

    Learn exactly what CFOs care about (and how they make spend decisions)  

  • ✅ How to Build a Business Case That Gets CFOs to Say 'YES!'
  • ✅ How to Get 'Access' to CFOs so you're not at-risk of losing late in the game.

  •   How to coach your champions that sell to CFOs and get a YES!

  • ✅ You'll learn dozens of tools, templates, frameworks, and techniques to get your champion to WIN budget approval (even from STINGY CFOs)
⭐ Access for 50% OFF ⭐


How to Sell to Billion-Dollar CFOs

Exclusive interview with three CFOs of billion-dollar businesses on how to sell to CFOs and other sophisticated executives." 
By Chris Orlob, CEO of
Get "billion dollar" insider wisdom on how to get CFOs to say YES to your deals.
  • Inside wisdom on how CFOs think, what they care about (and how to SELL to them).

  • ✅ Exactly what CFOs are willing to spend money on (in good times, and bad)

     How to empower your champion to sell to THEIR CFO. 
  • ✅ How to Build a Business Case That Gets CFOs to Say 'YES!'

  •   The five "value buckets" that CFOs respond to and spend on.

  • ✅ Tactical selling advice to salespeople from three CFOs who manage billion-dollar companies.
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"Plus... Hands-On Exercises , Examples, and Certifications In Every Course That Guarantee You’ll Build New Skills That Close Deals"

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Real Success Stories from Real Tech Salespeople


"Finished quarter at 152% of my number!"

Meet Jasi Johnson, account director at LinkedIn. She's using the techniques in SaaS Discovery Masterclass to close more deals and exceed her quota... even in an economic downturn. 

💎 Join Jasi and Close More Deals 💎

"Big increase in deals-won!"

Meet Kaylee Chappelow, mid market account executive at Greenhouse. She wen't from getting 'no' over and over due to a tough economy to using actionable strategies to close more deals.

💎 Join Kaylee and Close More Deals 💎

"Strong quarter despite economic headwinds!"

Meet Dee Acosta, Head of Revenue at Hockeystack. In his words: "Been through a lot of sales trainings. Most of it generic. That's not Our revenue slowed down a bit. These courses helped us build pain and ultimate close more deals. Ended up with a really strong Q4."

💎 Join Dee and Close More Deals 💎

10,000+ SaaS and Tech Salespeople Closing More Deals.
Your turn to Turbocharge YOUR Sales Success.

"Epic course. Too many sales courses are too high level, way too complex and take days to complete without walking away with any concrete tactics you can use right away.'s courses are completely tactical and don't just explain the concepts in a super easy-to-understand manner but actually walk you through how to execute them, how to ask the right questions, and what questions you should be asking. Highly recommend."

-Mark Baskin

“I learned more from these training sessions than I did in the last five years of my sales career. They’re full of actionable info, guaranteed to make anyone a better SaaS seller. Chris completely transformed my approach to selling SaaS, especially in a competitive environment.”

-Stephanie Alberti

" courses are impactful, entertaining, and they get results. Once I implemented what they taught, my deals got bigger and closed faster. I’ve been in sales for 15 years and have done a lot of sales training. These courses are the best. Results came quickly when I implemented what I learned."

-Lauren Wesley

"Chris’ courses are one of the few sales curriculums that have led to a meaningful difference in my skill set, performance and overall attainment. Prior to this, deals would too often stall or lose momentum. The training material around deep discovery has elevated my ability to identify mission-critical problems. This has paid massive dividends in the form of more consistent Enterprise deals."

-Will Tagg
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