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"Here's the Easiest and Fastest Way to Improve Your Account Executive's Performance"

Learn How To MASTER Diagnostic Coaching Methods To Take Your AE's Attainment to the Next Level… Without Years of Trial and Error.
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10,000+ tech salespeople growing their skills at companies like:


Sean Gentry

Sr. Manager Corporate Sales at Webflow, former sales leader at Outreach and Zillow

Grew a SaaS business 10x in ARR ( - Now doing it at Webflow). Hired and Trained 100+ AEs, 20+ managers."

A little bit about me:

I was born and raised in LA and was an actor for 9 years - studying comedy and improv.

After that, I transitioned to sales and started as an SDR.

Most recently, I was the Director of Sales at Outreach for 3 years.

And today I lead Corporate Sales at Webflow.

In my journey, I have managed SDRs, AEs, SMBs, Corp, and Enterprise.

At the time when I worked under Kevin Dorsey (one of my first management jobs) was blessed with having a fantastic mentor, especially when it comes to building out processes.

And as we’re building out a lot of playbooks and the processes at Snack Nation back in the day in Los Angeles.

We were struggling in hitting our heads against the wall about how to consistently coach reps…

And as we were scaling this business and breaking into new territories. We needed a process that could be repeatable.

With that concern…

I realized that I have to come up with a framework that can be applied to almost any sales capacity whether it’s SDR, SMV, Corp, Enterprise… because the steps of the sales cycle should be very similar.

So my years of going from Snack Nation to Zillow and then over to being a director of sales at Outreach and building out a fully new process at Outreach.

Finally, I did it.

It’s called “Unlock the Level Up”.

This guide was kind of my staple and something that I could always trust.

If you are able to use this one tactical guide, block the time to figure out what that may be for each rep then repeat the process for coaching, I have to tell you that nothing has made my life easier or less stressful as a manager.

I’m passionate about manager enablement and I’m on a mission to close the biggest gap in sales training today. So I’m going to share everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years of sales management experience to make you a better manager.

🔐 Unlock Higher AE Attainment 🔐
Ready to get the best out of every single rep?

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside “Unlock the Level Up

Decoding the frontline manager's #1 job.

● Discover Why Issue Diagnosis is One of The Most Important Parts of Coaching Your Reps to Success.

How Issue Diagnosis Defines Your Day-to-day Life As a Manager.

● Three things "untrained" frontline managers get wrong EVERY time with diagnosing rep performance.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Uncovering The True Root of Your Rep’s Performance Issues.

🔐 Unlock Your Rep's Potential 🔐

What Issue Diagnosis is, and why it is NOT results

● As a leader do you actually know why a rep is succeeding or struggling?

● Learn why Issue Diagnosis is about metrics and behavior, not results.

🔐 Unlock Your Rep's Potential 🔐

Key Behaviors to monitor and coach ON and OFF the Phone

● Understand which behaviors and metrics you should pay attention to when your reps are speaking with customers.

● And know which behaviors and metrics you should pay attention to when your reps are running their business off the phone

🔐 Unlock Your Rep's Potential 🔐

How to Coach Your Reps to Success

● Once you've diagnosed the issue, you'll learn tactics for improving that behavior with your reps.

● You'll learn how to ensure they take action that improves their performance and STICKS!

🔐 Unlock Your Rep's Potential 🔐

...And real-world examples to help you put the techniques into practice.

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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

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VALUE $997

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Here’s the full curriculum breakdown.

  Part 1: Introduction

  • Why issue diagnosis matters.
  • Why trust me on this journey?

Part 2: Issue Diagnosis Foundations

  • What is issue diagnosis?
  • Why is it NOT results?
  • A template for diagnosing issues.
  • Where performance matters: on and off the phone.

Part 3: On the Phone Metrics

  • Conversion Rate
  • Contract Value
  • Sales Cycle
  • How to Coach to these behaviors.
  • Real-life examples
  • Exercises

Part 4: Off the Phone Metrics

  • Pipeline Management
  • Pipeline Generation
  • How to Coach to these behaviors.
  • Real-life examples
  • Exercises

Part 5: Putting it all together

  • Conclusion
  • What's next?

🔐 Unlock Your Rep's Potential 🔐


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