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The Underground Discovery Scripts

10 Proven Scripts, Questions and Talk Tracks to Turn Discovery Calls Into Customers
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These 10 scripts are the secret to  creating a repeatable selling system that just about anyone selling SaaS to a business can use to achieve repeatable sales success. 

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10,000+ mid market and enterprise tech salespeople growing their skills and income

10 All-New Scripts and Strategies to Help You Crack the Code on Repeatable Sales Success

Hey Sales Pro!

You might be skeptical… 

Are there really “magic words” that can get you new customers and close deals? 

Yes, there most certainly are! 

What you say to a person you are speaking with can make the difference between closing a deal, or losing them forever. 

Words and language create mental images inside your buyer’s mind. Mental images trigger emotions. Emotions trigger behavior. And the right behavior will lead to a decision to purchase. So, it’s important to know what to say (and when) to close as many deals as possible

Here are the most powerful words, phrases, questions, and scripts that I've learned for closing deals, qualifying buyers, and for helping them make the decision to buy from you. 

I have collected and developed these scripts over the duration of my SaaS sales and sales leadership career. They helped me make a meaningful contribution to growing Gong from $200k to $200M, earn well into seven-figures in personal income, and grow my own business - - into a multi-million dollar company before we hit our first anniversary. 

And now, I'm giving you exclusive access to them.

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside

“The Underground Discovery Scripts”

The Single Best Way To Open the Discovery Call (So You’re Setup For Success)

  • Nine simple words that solve two problems most sales people face on new calls

  • How to position yourself as a leader and in the position of power to start your calls 


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What to Say to ‘Earn the Right’ To Ask Discovery Questions (Even With ‘Cold Buyers’)

  • Learn tactics that helps you earn the right to ask discovery questions… so your buyers don’t kick you in the teeth or get annoyed with your questions.

  • How to set the “Rules of Engagement” so you can get skeptical buyers more bought in

  • The exact scripts to use to tell a narrative about pain and problems that your potential buyer can “see themselves” in
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How (And Why) To Diagnose the “Root Cause” of Your Buyer’s Problem

  • Learn how to align your solutions capabilities to the root causes and understand your buyers pain. 

  • Exactly questions to ask to get concrete answers and opinions from your buyer to help shape the remainder of the sales process
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The Three Questions to Build Negative Impact (Without Being ‘Sales-y’ or Manipulative)

  • Learn the five incredible benefits of building and exploring negative impact and the consequences of your buyer’s problem

  • The number one question to ask to increase the feeling of urgency and shorten time between meetings

  • How to make your buyer want your product even before you show it to them


Access All Ten Scripts

Struggling with consistency in your approach? These ten scripts will help you create a system that gets you on track.  

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Access All Ten Scripts for Only $10


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