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Introducing Our Newest Course: SELLING WITH CHAMPIONS (Save 40% OFF Today)

“How to Find and Empower Champions That Run Through Brick Walls and SELL When You’re Not In the Room… So You Can Close Bigger Deals Faster Without Getting Ghosted

🤝 Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝


The world’s expert on selling with champions teaches YOU a repeatable process for champion development so you can close six- and seven-figure deals consistently… even when you’re not in the room.

🤝 Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝

10,000+ tech salespeople growing their skills at companies like:

"Do NOT sign up unless you're prepared to be blown away by unconventional sales practices that less than 1% of salespeople use. Other teammates will notice. And you'll soon realize signing up was a no brainer, and it should cost more than whatever you invest."

- Saif Quraishi, Enterprise AE

"Just wanted to say thank you. I used your business case framework this week for the first time with my champion as a primer for an exec meeting. We co-drafted it, and it’s such a solid framework to cover everything in an internal brief. It's a game changer. This made it so we could get right into working the exec's concerns and then, straight to the green light and next steps. Invaluable."

- Matt Rogers, Strategic AE

Champion Development Is More Important Today Than EVER Due to Market Conditions.

Now more than ever, salespeople don’t close deals. Champions do.

The most important sales conversations happen when you’re not in the room!

The worst salespeople leave those conversations to chance. The best salespeople orchestrate them behind the scenes before they happen. 

In this course, you’ll learn from the world’s expert on building champions that sell…

Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝



Otherwise known as the guy who created the seven-figure champion development process.

 Nate’s business case and champion development methods have impressive results:

  • $1.19M average contract value
  • Closed six- and seven-figure deals with mega brands including: Allstate, Statement, Hubspot, Microsoft, American Airlines, American Express
  • Built an enterprise sales team that exceeded quota 24 quarters in a row… that’s six years of uninterrupted quota attainment.

"Epic courses. Too many sales courses are too high level, way too complex and take days to complete without walking away with any concrete tactics you can use right away.'s courses are completely tactical and don't just explain the concepts in a super easy-to-understand manner but actually walk you through how to execute them, how to ask the right questions, and what questions you should be asking. Highly recommend."

-Mark Baskin

“I learned more from these training sessions than I did in the last five years of my sales career. They’re full of actionable info, guaranteed to make anyone a better SaaS seller. Chris completely transformed my approach to selling SaaS, especially in a competitive environment.”

-Stephanie Alberti

" courses are impactful, entertaining, and they get results. Once I implemented what they taught, my deals got bigger and closed faster. I’ve been in sales for 15 years and have done a lot of sales training. These courses are the best. Results came quickly when I implemented what I learned."

-Lauren Wesley

"Chris’ courses are one of the few sales curriculums that have led to a meaningful difference in my skill set, performance and overall attainment. Prior to this, deals would too often stall or lose momentum. The training material around deep discovery has elevated my ability to identify mission-critical problems. This has paid massive dividends in the form of more consistent Enterprise deals."

-Will Tagg
A Repeatable Process for Champion Development!

Here's What's Inside!

How to find champions that run through brick walls


  • Tell-tale signs you’ve got someone who will WIN for you 

  • Test champions with strict ‘this one’s a winner’ criteria.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

True Champion? Coach? Or ‘powerless fan’? How to know…

  • How to ‘cut bait’ from a weak champion (without harming the relationship)
  • Avoid buyers who ‘cloak’ as champions (but become barriers who ‘box you in’)
  • Exactly how to know when a champion is truly sold and ‘bought in’
  • How to convert ‘coaches’ into ‘champions that run through walls’


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Exact tactics to coach your champion to sell internally.


  • ‘Script your route’ so champions WIN and become a better seller than YOU.
  • Give champions the business acumen they NEED to sell internally.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Empower champions to ‘SELL UP’ when you’re not there.


  • Get your champions to advocate on your behalf when you’re not there.
  • How to follow up on internal conversations… without being aggressive.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Steal the million-dollar business case playbook


  • How to ‘arm’ your champion to get the deal moving faster.
  • Live examples of business case teardowns (before and after)
  • How to empower Champion to sell up w business cases that demonstrate business-critical ROI


Close Bigger Deals Faster

How to increase your access to other stakeholders.


  • How to get your champion to ‘let’ you multi-thread (without losing them)
  • Build an entire league of champions that acts as a ‘force of nature’ (and get them working together!)
  • How to use your champion to get to power
  • Use your champion to navigate horizontally and vertically within the account.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Give your champions the ‘how to buy’ playbook.


  • How to keep your champion ENGAGED with open lines of communication.
  • How to help your champion translate THEIR needs into EXECUTIVE needs.
  • The playbook for coaching champions who are inexperienced at buying.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Get your champion to spend political capital in favor of YOU.


  • How to get champions to fight for purchasing your solution.
  • How to coach your champion to win those conversations with senior leadership.


Close Bigger Deals Faster

Tired of getting ghosted and losing momentum?

"OVER 30 battle-tested champion-creating techniques, tactics, and strategies proven to close bigger contracts, faster.”

These advanced techniques have a proven track record of closing six- and seven-figure deals.

🤝 Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝

Start closing bigger deals.

  • Exactly how to be the ‘puppet master’ of internal buying conversations… even when you’re not in the room!
  • How to build bullet proof business cases that close seven figure deals… and get your champion to sell the hell out of them
  • How to build a full-blown league of champions in a single account that rant and rave to their bosses that they WANT and NEED your product.
  • The tips and tricks for evaluating your champions, so you can find and build the ones that will take you the distance.
  • Exactly how to gain credibility with your champions and build their trust so they’ll willingly run through walls for you.
  • How to handle yourself in executive readouts so you wont miss your shot when the time comes.

VALUE $3,238

Get It For Only $497

Here’s the full curriculum breakdown.


Module 1: Stack the Deck in Your Favor

  • How I fell in Love with Selling with Champions
  • The Shift to a Champion Mindset
  • Who Exactly is a Champion

Module 2: The Baseball Card Approach to Rating Champions

  • Believability Ratings and Baseball Card Approach
  • Building the Baseball Card for Your Champion
  • Social Capital, Track Record, Influence, Incentive, and Intel

Module 3: A Field Guide to Building & Testing Champions

  • How Your Potential Champions Evaluate YOU
  • 6 Tactics for Showing Up Well With Your Champions
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Testing Your Champions

Module 4: Finding Footholds & Scripting Your Route

  • The Importance of Planning Your Route
  • Foothold #1: Internal Priorities
  • Foothold #2: Dedicated Meetings
  • Foothold #3: Find a Climbing Buddy
  • Foothold #4: Projects NOT Products
  • Foothold #5: Brightspots

Module 5: Building a Bulletproof Business Case

  • What a Business Case is NOT
  • In-Depth Business Case Breakdown
  • The Metanarrative and Executive Summary
  • Using Customer Language
  • How to Use Your Business Case

Module 6: Example Business Case Teardowns (And Buildups)

  • Business Case Teardown and Buildup #1
  • Business Case Teardown and Buildup #2

Module 7: Exec Readouts & High-Stakes Conversations

  • A Framework for High-Stakes Conversations
  • Adapting Your Message for POC-Land and Expand Motions
  • Course Conclusion
🤝 Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝


Of course... :)
We're taking 100% of the risk. I guarantee that if you join this program, watch the courses, and apply the techniques....You will succeed massively....

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Pretty simple. But if you're like most people, this experience will change change your income and transform your life.
🤝 Close Bigger Deals Faster 🤝


Access to Nate's 190-slide deck on designing buying experiences.

  • 🎁 Get Nate's insight into constructing the perfect buying experience, every time
  • 🎁 Tips, strategies, and principles for navigating even the most complex buying cycle
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Access to Nate's template library

  • 🎁 10+ templates to help you put the principles from this course into practice
  • 🎁 Everything from email scripts to mutual action plan templates
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Access to Nate's 'Q2' business case private workshop

  • 🎁 The first 20 people to purchase this course will get a free workshop with Nate
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Frequently Asked Questions

That's right... 300% money back. That means if you don't feel like you got AT LEAST a 3x ROI... you get your money back.

I’ll take all the risk. Your risk is ZERO. You get an entire 30 days to experience this life-altering program. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know. We’ll give you all your money back, no hassle.



(✓) The Complete Selling With Champions Online Course: 7 tactic-packed modules, and 37 actionable video lessons

(✓) The Bullet Proof Business Case Lesson Breakdown, Business Case Template, And Full Example 'Tear Down'

(✓) The 198-slide 'Master Deck' for designing super-effective enterprise buying experiences and sales motions.


(✓) Full access to Nate Nasrella's enterprise sales template library, complete with 10+ templates spanning from email templates, to mutual action plans.


(✓) Access to Nate's upcoming business case workshop (the first 20 people to sign up for Selling With Champions get a free live attendance ticket. Everyone else will get the full recording once the workshop is complete!)

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