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 Uncover the most important foundations of the SDR role to form the basis of success for any sales career


How to Architect Your Sales Career to Rise from SDR to Superstar AE 

Master the foundations of the Sales Development career path and curate the sales career and success of your dreams

‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź

5,800+ SaaS sales learners last year from companies like:

Here's what 5,800+ SaaS sellers are raving about:

Nick Hugh

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"Doubled my competitive win rates. Huge impact on my ability to close deals in just a few weeks. Last night I ended a streak of five deals in a row that closed using techniques from these courses. For context, I was landing 1 in 10 before that."

Luciano Scala

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"I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many strategies to win competitive SaaS deals. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want."

Lorraine Pettit

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""There's nothing like learning from someone who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. Chris's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof. This is the fastest way to get your close rate moving!"

Lauren Frilling

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"Chris is great at taking complex topics and boiling them down into understandable and actionable strategies. I've always enjoyed how Chris leads with personal anecdotes and metaphors that helped me better relate to any topics that were covered. Chris is thoughtful in his approach to SaaS sales trainings and it is evident by the incredible performance results of anyone who has ever had the privilege of selling under his leadership!‚Ä̬†

Stephanie Alberti

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"I learned more from these¬†training sessions than I did in the last five years of my sales career. They‚Äôre full of actionable info, guaranteed to make anyone a better SaaS seller.¬†Chris completely transformed my approach to selling SaaS, especially in a competitive environment.‚ÄĚ

Harrison WaidFive star rating icon - vector. Stock Vector Image by ©chekman1 #322843816

"Already crushed the courses. Great stuff and very actionable. The delineation between open and targeted questions is simple and powerful. I am always looking for little nuggets of information I can use personally or that will scale across our sales team. Thoroughly enjoyed the courses.‚ÄĚ

Architect your Sales Career Path from Starting SDR to Professional Success in this BRAND NEW Course


Prepare for a career trajectory in sales, invest in your own development and position yourself for promotions 

‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź


Kyle Coleman

Chief Marketing Officer at Copy.Ai

Former top performer at Looker and Clari

Kyle’s foray into B2B tech sales started in 2013 when he joined Looker as the 6th employee. Over the next 6 years, he grew the SDR team from 1 to 60+ as the company scaled from $100k in ARR to $100m+, and was acquired by Google for $2.6b. Kyle is now the VP of Revenue Growth & Enablement for Clari, an AI-driven revenue operations & sales analytics platform, where he leads Growth Marketing, SDR, and Enablement. He’s an avid runner, a proud corgi owner, and is always looking to talk shop & trade best practices. 

‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź

Little Known Secret: There's no "right" career path after SDR.


But.. you can architect your journey and rise through the ranks to achieve sales success you've only dreamed of. 


And it starts with investing in your own development.

‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź
‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź

Here's The Full Curriculum for

"Rise Through the Ranks"


Part 1: The Foundation of Your Career

  • The SDR Mindset - What is it and how to achieve success
  • The 6 Traits of successful SDRs
  • The need for deep emotional intelligence¬†
  • Goal Setting for SDRs
  • The principles of career growth

Part 2: Multi-Threading Your Career

  • The importance of multi-threading your career
  • 7 career questions to answer
  • How to manage your manager
  • How to find¬†not just a mentor, but the right mentor
  • Finding a side project that takes you to the next level¬†

Part 3: Finding the Right Path for You

  • Exploring the Account Executive pros and cons
  • Understanding what it takes to become an SDR manager
  • How to transition into sales operations
  • The foundations of content marketing
  • The basics of customer success¬†
  • Expert steps and strategies to put it all together
‚≠źYes, I want to rise through the ranks!‚≠ź

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