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Introducing our newest online course to build pipeline through economic headwinds 

“Break Through the Noise With Proven Cold Email and Outbound Sequencing Strategies... All to Generate Predictable Pipeline Despite Economic Headwinds"

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Steal, swipe, and copy the cold email and outbound sequencing playbooks of one of the top B2B outbound prospectors in SaaS and B2B tech.

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10,000+ tech salespeople growing their skills at companies like:

Have economic headwinds SHRUNK your pipeline gen?

And relying on inbound opportunities is unpredictable. 

That's the bad news. 

It’s NEVER been this VITAL to generate your pipeline predictably…and strategic outbound is the key to your success.

Stop…ChatGPT isn’t the answer. Neither are the “get-rich-quick” copywriting fads you see on LinkedIn.

The secret to unlocking your pipeline potential through cold email is understanding the FUNDAMENTALS of copywriting, email sequencing, and storytelling.

These frameworks, tips, and strategies are the same ones that have been used to write emails with 90% open rates and 25% positive reply rates, book hundreds of meetings, generate $3M of pipeline in 3 months, and see a 2X ACV on outbound.

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Florin Tatulea

"Serial outbound expert who teaches reps how to build predictable pipeline despite economic headwinds." 

Florin Tatulea is the unmistakable expert on cold email and outbound sequencing strategies that generate 'pipeline on repeat.'

 ✅ Personally booked 100 meetings and generated $3M in pipeline (from $0) in six months FLAT 

✅ Coached over 500 leading reps at TOP B2B SaaS companies, helping them achieve nearly 550% of their quota!

✅ Now revealing all of his outbound strategies in this course to help you achieve THE SAME! 

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10,000+ Tech Salespeople Closing More Deals.
Your turn to Turbocharge YOUR Sales Success.

"My team at Vendr was trained on his course and we saw a 78% increase in pipeline team-wide in the first month of applying his cold email and sequencing methods. I want my reps to be copywriting experts, and this is the best course for that."

-Saad Kahn, Vendr

“Florin's course was an absolute game changer as an SDR and for the rest of my team. Not only did we learn the fundamentals of successful sequencing, but he taught us the strategy behind it all. Now as an AE, I constantly lean on the skills I learned here to get high converting messages across. Can't recommend him enough!"

-Phil Clark, Guru

"Florin in the sales and SDR leader I never had. He's in the trenches, keeping his skills sharp so he can teach it to others. Impressed with his depth of knowledge. Florin is an absolute top choice!"

-Nicholas Thickett
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Repeatable, TIMELESS Strategies to Break Through the Noise with Cold Email and Outbound Sequencing

Here's What's Inside!

10 'Irrefutable Laws' of Cold Email Copywriting

  • How to write subject lines that double your open rates

  • "Language matching" (and how to 'enter the conversation happening in their head")

  • The right (and wrong) way to use 'social proof" to boost reply rates

  • Question language techniques and phrases proven to sell.
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Steal the Cold Email Framework That Gets Double Digit Replies in the 2023 Economy

  • Every. Single. Component of cold emails that get PIPELINE.

  • The cold email framework and structure (step by step, ready to repeat)
  • An exclusive "deep dive" on real-world cold email examples that sell 
  • How to make sure your cold emails get DELIVERED.
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How to Stand Out in Your Prospect's Overflowing Inbox

  • Understand how your buyers manage their inbox so your emails don't get swept into the trash.

  • Learn exactly how your buyers make decisions (and how to craft emails that get a 'YES')

  • Tips, tactics, and strategies to see the world through THEIR eyes (so YOU can get the meeting)


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Unlocking the Power of Cold Email Storytelling

  • Copy this: A timeless, repeatable set of "story structures" you can swipe and copy to supercharge your cold emails

  • The missing key other cold email methods miss (and why it's impossible to find repeatable success without this)

  • A repeatable story framework to get buyers to say 'YES' to meeting.

  • Word for word email examples you can steal.
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Proven Outbound Sequence Strategies That Put Up Numbers.


  • Best practices for inbound and outbound email sequences that get 25% positive-reply rates

  • Multi-step cold outbound sequences that have the power to double your pipeline generation

  •   Exactly how to personalize your sequences by persona and "power line" (C-Suite vs. Director vs. Manager)


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Build a Multi-Million Dollar Pipeline With Multi-Channel Sequences


  • Why getting the blend of channels right can supercharge your pipeline (and why it's so easy to get wrong)

  • The 'magic mix' of multi-channel sequence strategies (and how to nail yours) 

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Tired of writing cold emails that get ignored? Anxious about your pipeline generation?

"STEAL over 30 battle-tested cold email tactics, examples, and sequence strategies proven to get elusive buyers to say 'YES' to the meeting."

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Ordinary Salespeople Get Extraordinary Results From Courses


Start building more pipeline.

  • EXACTLY how your prospects approach their inboxes, and how to infiltrate it
  • The undeniable benefits of storytelling and, how to captivate your readers
  • Florin’s BEST-IN-CLASS copywriting fundamentals that’ll get your prospects begging for more info
  • The KEY components of every single cold email and how to MAXIMIZE benefit from each
  • How to personalize sequences and generate INTENSE interest up-and-down the buying chain
  • The definitive logic to stitch cold emailing with other cold prospecting activities to create BULLETPROOF sequences

VALUE $997

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Here’s the full curriculum breakdown.


Module 1: 10 Laws of Email Copywriting

  • How people make decisions and how to uncover the underlying (read: selfish) benefit for them
  • The importance of storytelling and understanding POWERFUL storytelling structures you can steal
  • Writing like you talk…but also how your PROSPECT talks
  • The comprehensive down-low on copywriting: the ideal length, specificity rules, NAILING the subject line, identifying and including relevant social proof, and more

Module 2: The Cold Emailing Framework

  • Florin’s can’t miss cold emailing framework + his email analysis process
  • The ins-and-outs of email deliverability
  • Email opening triggers and how to get MORE eyes on YOUR emails content
  • The meat of the email: body content + how to NAIL it
  • REAL WORLD EXAMPLES you can steal from

Module 3: Email Sequencing

  • How to CRUSH both inbound and outbound sequencing (and the importance of both)
  • 11 tips for outbound sequencing to help you move the needle
  • The best outbound sequence structures that you HAVE to be using (or you’re leaving money on the table)
  • Personalizing your sequences to leave EVERY target persona wanting more
  • The down-low on every touchpoint…including cold-call and LinkedIn
  • How to use A/B testing to build UNFAILABLE sequences
  • …plus EXCLUSIVE email bonus tips from the legend himself
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Of course... :)
We're taking 100% of the risk. I guarantee that if you join this program, watch the courses, and apply the techniques....You will succeed massively....

...With more income, more revenue, more success & more FUN than YOU ever had before. (Not to mention less stress).

Pretty simple. But if you're like most people, this experience will change change your income and transform your life.
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One FREE group coaching certificate.

  • 🎁 One redeemable certificate to join our bi-weekly group coaching series hosted by a coach (VALUE: $1,250)
  • 🎁 Meet with 5-10 like-minded sales professionals in a group discussion to talk about how to take everyone's sales success to the next level.
  • 🎁 Get the group's perspective on challenging situations you're facing.
  • 🎁 Hear the winning sales tactics your peers are using to sell today
  • 🎁 Get expert guidance from a facilitator
  • 🎁 Build relationships and networks that can last a lifetime
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Instant Access to the '100,000' Outbound Email Template

  • 🎁 The Exact, Word-for-Word Email Template Chris Orlob Used Over 100,000 Times... As he Grew Gong From $200k to $200
  • 🎁 Perfected and refined -- through painful trial and error -- through 100,000 outbound email attempts.
  • 🎁 You get the results of 12 years of work immediately.
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The 10 Laws of Email Copywriting Cheat Sheet

  • 🎁 Florin's 10 Laws of Cold Email Copywriting distilled into one easy-to-print cheat sheet
  • 🎁 All 10 battle-tested tips to help you write irresistible email copy that stands out in crowded inboxes
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The Cold Email Framework Cheat Sheet

  • 🎁 A sentence-by-sentence breakdown of Florin's Cold Email Framework in a one page Cheat Sheet
  • 🎁 The simple framework you can use to write emails that get responses
  • 🎁 A visual guide to the parts of an email that matter most and catalyze action
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✅Cold Email Conversion Machine online course: 3 tactic-packed modules, and 23 actionable video lessons 


✅Florin’s ## EXACT email templates he used to 2x ACV, book HUNDREDS of meetings, and crush quota 


✅ Group coaching session to take your game to the next level

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