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Tired of Letting Deals Slip to the Next Month or Quarter?

I have 10 "closing motion scripts" I want to send you (free)... So you're never embarrassed or frustrated with "forecasted" deals slipping again.


Hey Sales Pro!

You’re probably skeptical…

Are there really “closing scripts” that can help you close more SaaS and technology deals? Aren’t “closing scripts” and slick one-liners for people who sell cars?

Valid questions! 


"Closed $150k with these techniques"
"So many ways to create urgency; these deals would have slipped without the techniques I learned in this masterclass."

Harry Beales, Upguard

First, yes, there most certainly are closing “scripts” (if that’s what we want to call them) that can help you close more SaaS deals and technology deals. I’m going to share those with you in this guide. 

Second, also yes, that “slick one-line closing scripts” are for people who sell cars. That is not what we’re going to talk about today!

Let me be clear: There is no “slick one liner” you can use, if you’re selling B2B solutions, that will magically make your customer sign the contract. 



"Made 182% of my number"
"After having one of my first bad quarters in my sales career, I went back to the drawing board, attended this masterclass, and found Ended up finishing the year at 182% of quota and finished first in ARR for the year."

Sean O'Brien, Mosaich

There is a “closing motion” (which is a methodical series of steps) you can use to navigate the last few weeks of a deal to close it faster (so you don’t let it slip to next quarter!).

In this guide, you’ll find the most powerful closing motion techniques (which yes, involves exact words, scripts, and questions along the way) that I've learned for closing deals, managing the “last stretch” of a deal, and closing deals faster and on time. 

I have collected and developed these scripts and processes over the duration of my SaaS career. They helped me make a meaningful contribution to growing Gong from $200k to $200M, earn well into seven-figures in personal income, and grow my own business - - into a multi-million dollar company before we hit our first anniversary.

But let me tell you this:  

"Big increase in closed-won deals"
"I had been getting more No's and pushback than ever. In this masterclass I found actionable strategies that increase urgency, create deal champions, build business cases, and ultimately close way more deals."

Kaylee Chappelow, Greenhouse

It was not easy getting here.

When I was an account executive, I used to get embarrassed at the end of most quarters when key deals (the ones I had “forecasted”) wouldn’t close before quarter-end. They’d slip into the next month or quarter. Leaving me with egg on my face, lower quota attainment, and a deferred commission check (given I had just started my family and had my first son around this time, that last one hurt the most). 

I remember feeling “out of control” with my deals. As one December approached the end, I literally started “seeing stars” on my drive to work one morning because I was so stressed. The pressure from being below quota was crushing me. I had the deals to get there, but it felt like all of them were “hanging on for dear life” in terms of closing them on time. One false move would kick them into January. As a result, I was so stressed I could feel the pressure in my chest, and as I said, started seeing colorful spots.


"Your commission checks will thank you"
"Best SaaS sales training I've come across in 20 years of selling. Game changing. Your commission checks will thank you."

Dan Woodhead, Radancy

Ever been there before?

Sales isn’t for the faint of heart, I guess!

This wasn’t for a lack of trying. I was working a cool 65 hours a week to get to my number (I’ve learned if it takes you that many hours just to hit your number, you are working far too hard and you need new strategies – not more work). 

But things are different today. 

Very different. 

I’m happy to share that eventually, I cracked the code. Things “clicked”. I found the consistent, repeatable sales success I had been craving all those years.

The closing motion techniques I’m going to teach you today were forged from pain. If I never had those painful experiences, I never would have dug in and done the work to figure this out. 

And figure it out I did. You’re about to, too.

I’m hoping to save you at least five years worth of trial and error in the 30 minutes it takes you to read this guide.  It took me plenty of trial and error, a lot of study, and a lot of experience to discover and combine these scripts into the system you're about to hold in your hands right now.


"Conversion already went up"
"My team and i attended the masterclass and are already seeing increase in conversion and quality of deals."

Alex Moffitt, Autodesk


If you need anything, shoot an email to [email protected].

Chris Orlob


Don't forget -- you're not years away from your dreams. You're skills away from your dreams. 

Download The 10 Closing Motion Scripts Here
"Just had my best quarter ever"
"This has been transformational for me. Tracking toward my year ever and on track to close more ARR in a year than ever in our company's history."

Marshall Weill, Freewill