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Unlock The Level Up

How Top Frontline Managers Use Diagnostic Coaching to Drive AE Performance

5 power-house modules, 17 lessons, and two exercises so you can unlock NEW levels of AE performance and become the star sales manager you've been struggling to become:

  • What what, why, and how of using data and metrics to unlock AE attainment

  • A tried and true template SaaS Sales Managers can use to "convert" a struggling rep into a star.

  • How to analyze conversion rate, sales cycle, and contract value trends to pinpoint issues and break through sticking points.

  • How to coach your reps so they're bought in (and actually think it's THEIR idea)

  • What to do when your reps is struggling to create pipeline (plus, how to coach to that skill gap and get your reps' pipeline humming)

  •  Two real-world examples of Sean coaching reps from B-Status to A-Player Status

  • How to coach reps when they're struggling with morale and employee engagement... so you can unlock new levels of motivation and performance.