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Want to see a step by step breakdown of how tech salespeople that earn $500k+ drive timeline and control the sales process!?

Then you'll want Mutual Success Plan Mastery! It reveals, for the first time ever, the secrets of crafting deal-closing 'mutual action plans' with your buyers... so you can control the cycle and drive timeline.

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Diamond in the Rough

It’s no secret that as sales leaders we live in a world where we’re always looking to hire top performers.

The ones we call “rainmakers”. 

The ones that consistently hit or exceed quota.
Our rockstars. 

But what if these “rainmakers" aren't exactly what you pictured? 

What if it’s the person that doesn’t come in with a glowing resume or a degree from the top school? 

What if the next President’s Club winner for your Saas company was your Uber driver or your server? 

That’s exactly what our BRAND NEW course does.

We’ve teamed up with Kevin Gaither to help you rethink the AE hiring process to find the “diamond in the rough.”

In this all new course, Kevin share his proven methodologies and strategies to find and hire your next superstar AEs, no matter their resume, background or the hiring climate. Kevin is founder and CRO at Inside Sales Expert and former Head of Sales at ZipRecruiter and has hired over 1,000 reps and conducted more than 6,000 AE interviews. Kevin is bringing his expertise to help you rethink the AE hiring process and hire early career salespeople with an 80% success rate of them becoming your top performers. 

The cost of mishiring is real - and Kevin’s methodology will help you hire “stealworthy” salespeople in record time. 

This all new course will help you source, screen and hire early career salespeople and improve your probability of success.

Are you ready to take your hiring skills and team to the next level? 


What People Are Saying:

"Florin in the sales and SDR leader I never had. He's in the trenches, keeping his skills sharp so he can teach it to others. Impressed with his depth of knowledge. Florin is an absolute top choice!"

Nicholas Thickett

“Florin's course was an absolute game changer as an SDR and for the rest of my team. Not only did we learn the fundamentals of successful sequencing, but he taught us the strategy behind it all. Now as an AE, I constantly lean on the skills I learned here to get high converting messages across. Can't recommend him enough!"

Phil Clark, Guru

"My team at Vendr was trained on his course and we saw a 78% increase in pipeline team-wide in the first month of applying his cold email and sequencing methods. I want my reps to be copywriting experts, and this is the best course for that."

Saad Kahn, Vendr