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Want to see a step by step breakdown of how tech salespeople that earn $500k+ drive timeline and control the sales process!?

Then you'll want Mutual Success Plan Mastery! It reveals, for the first time ever, the secrets of crafting deal-closing 'mutual action plans' with your buyers... so you can control the cycle and drive timeline.

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Crush Your Q4 THREE COURSE Masterclass

"Master the SaaS Sales Strategies In These THREE Courses, And You're Guaranteed to Close More Q4 Deals, Faster... And SELL In a Downturn"

Total Value: $2,000+ 

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Here's Everything You Get:

  • Online Course: Rig the Game (VALUE: $997)
  • Online Course: Win At Your Price (VALUE: $297)
  • Online Course: The Closing Motion (VALUE: $297)
  • BONUS: Q4 deal review mastermind group coaching session (VALUE: $1,250)
  • BONUS: 60 minute interview recording with three billion-dollar CFOs (VALUE: $297)
  • BONUS: The $100M Sales Deck + Training Video (VALUE: $297)


What 5,800 SaaS Sellers Are Saying:

I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many tactics and strategies to win competitive SaaS deals. They don't stand a chance anymore. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want. Even when they undercut me on price.

Luciano Scala

There's nothing like learning from someone who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. Chris's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof for that next call and rethinking all the ones before - in the best way! If you care about your sales growth or are helping someone else level up their own, this is the fastest way to get moving!

Lorraine Pettit

I learned more from these training sessions than I did in the last five years of my sales career. They’re full of actionable info, guaranteed to make anyone a better SaaS seller. Chris completely transformed my approach to selling SaaS, especially in a competitive environment.

Stephanie Alberti

The discovery masterclass not only helped me feel confident asking the right questions but also helped our customers feel like our time spent together was effective. As I improved my discovery, my customers' benefited because I fostered a genuine curiosity about their problems, the impact of those problems, and the value for them in solving it.

Ellie LaRue

I got tired of my competitors offering 50% of my price and undercutting me at the end of sales cycles and knew I needed help. This course absolutely blew me away. There were at least 15 new strategies I learned that I can bring into my sales role. Being in a super competitive market, I feel like this course is going to bring my sales career to the next level.

Tom Alaimo

Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and questions to ask to win your unfair share of competitive deals. I like the way Chris goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. He knows SaaS sales REALLY well and shares everything he knows.

EJ Eitel

Already crushed the course. Great stuff and very actionable. The delineation between open and targeted impact questions is simple and powerful. I am always looking for little nuggets of information I can use personally or that will scale across our sales team. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Harrison Waid