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Rig the Game: Advanced Strategies for Winning Your Unfair Share of Competitive SaaS Deals


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I feel like I can RUN CIRCLES around my competitors now. Seriously. I had no idea there were so many tactics and strategies to win competitive SaaS deals. They don't stand a chance anymore. It's almost unfair. PLUS, I can win at the prices I want. Even when they undercut me on price.

Luciano Scala

"I got tired of my competitors offering 50% of my price and undercutting me at the end of sales cycles and knew I needed help. This course absolutely blew me away. There were at least 15 new strategies I learned that I can bring into my sales role. Being in a super competitive market, I feel like this course is going to bring my sales career to the next level."

Tom Alaimo

Extremely practical, actionable, down to the exact steps and questions to ask to win your unfair share of competitive deals. I like the way Chris goes straight to techniques you can use immediately without a bunch of fluff. He knows SaaS sales REALLY well and shares everything he knows.

EJ Eitel