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Control your sales cycles, stop getting derailed, and close faster. Add our Mutual Success Plan Mastery course for only $77 more!


Killing the Maybe

Learn exactly how to "systematically dismantle" your buyers' status quo and stop losing deals to "no decision" 

You’re going to get over 3 hours, 6 modules, 23 lessons, complete with exercises and examples you can use to stop getting ghosted and start increasing your influence in your deals right away.


  • The Urgency Blueprint mini course to complete your "status quo-killing" skillset.
  • The nine figure cold email templates to guarantee you have enough pipeline to use these techniques on.
  • Two examples of the $100M sales deck (plus a free training video on exactly how they work)

What People Are Saying:

Our first meeting to second meeting conversion rate was something around 20%, and that was really the reason we started working with Calum and John… that’s upwards at 60% now, so we’ve definitely more than tripled it and it continues to go up.

Clark Green

Calum and John's course helped us describe the essence of our business in a way we have been trying to do for years. Their course was engaging, informative and the skills were immediately applicable.

Kevin Cummings