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The Underground Discovery Scripts: 10 Proven Talk Tracks to Turn Discovery Calls into Customers

Hey Sales Pro!

You might be skeptical… 

Are there really “magic words” that can get you new customers and close deals? 

Yes, there most certainly are! 

What you say to a person you are speaking with can make the difference between closing a deal, or losing them forever. 

Words and language create mental images inside your buyer’s mind. Mental images trigger emotions. Emotions trigger behavior. And the right behavior will lead to a decision to purchase. So, it’s important to know what to say (and when) to close as many deals as possible

In this guide, you'll find the most powerful words, phrases, questions, and scripts that I've learned for closing deals, qualifying buyers, and for helping them make the decision to buy from you. 

Here's what's inside:

  • The single best way to open discovery calls (so you're set up for success)

  • What to Say to ‘Earn the Right’ To Ask Discovery Questions (Even With ‘Cold Buyers’)

  • How (And Why) To Diagnose the “Root Cause” of Your Buyer’s Problem

  • The Three Questions to Build Negative Impact (Without Being ‘Sales-y’ or Manipulative)

  • How and Why to Uncover the "Need Behind the Need"

  • How to Quantify Pain With One Simple Question

  • Exact Script Structures and Frameworks You Can Steal

These 10 All-New Scripts and Strategies to Help You Crack the Code on Repeatable Sales Success and put in the top 10% of skillstackers in your field. 

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