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Conquer the Cold Call

  1. The proven method of filling your funnel, based on over 60,000 SaaS cold calls

What you'll get:

  • Part 1: The B2B Cold Calling Script
  • Part 2: REAL Cold Call Examples
  • Part 3: Cold Call Moneyball
  • Part 4: Objection Handling
  • Part 5: Your Voicemail Strategy
  • Part 6: Sequence or Cadence Strategy
  • Part 7: Cold Calling Principles
  • Part 8: Pipeline Generation and a Point System Framework
  • Part 9: Find More Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What People Are Saying:

Finishing my first year as an AE at $150k. Used your cold calling course and videos to 5x my income. Started at $30k. Finishing my first year as an AE now at $150k

Adam Sludds

Booked six meetings TODAY. Booked six meetings TODAY using techniques from your cold calling course! Really glad you put this out there. Sharing with the rest of my team.

Alex Gutierrez

Finished my quarter at 152%. Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the courses. I finished my quarter at 152% and my half at 104% - largely due to the pclub.io courses and teachings.

Jasi Johnson