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(✓) Win the Demo (value: $2,997). The exact sales demo frameworks that closed our first $100,000,000 in ARR growing Gong. We have over 3,000 students in this course alone CRUSHING their sales demos.


(✓) Rig The Game (value: $4,997). How to win your "unfair share' of competitive deals... so you never lose a competitive deal again. With the 20+ competitive deal strategies you'll learn in the course, you'll drive your competitors to need a hard drink at the end of each day.


(✓) SaaS Discovery Masterclass (value: $297). The exact five-step discovery 'system' I used to teach the #1 producing sales team at Gong. Over 10,000 students are using the techniques to create urgency from thin air and sell in an economic meltdown.


(✓) Objections to Commissions (value: $197). Six plus years growing Gong from $200k to $200M and the objection handling system we used, boiled down to 60 minutes - with seven proven steps that will help you overcome TOUGH objections.


(✓) Conquer the Cold Call (value: $197). A 90 minute course that teaches you the cold call scripts, techniques, and formulas Trent Dressel used to close $1.472M in ARR in a single year... purely from cold calling. Trent has made over 60,000 outbound cold calls, and condenses everything he knows into 90 high-octane minutes.


(✓) Release the Funds (value: $4,997). Exactly how top B2B tech reps sell to CFOs and get big deals funded... even in a global recession. This course includes research from interviewing ten CFOs of $100,000,000 companies on how they buy and how to sell to them.  


(✓) Selling with Champions (value: $2,997). The world's expert in champion development (Nate Nasralla) teaches you how to create champions that sell when you're not there... and how to build bulletproof business cases. Nate's techniques are responsible for creating a $1.19M average deal size.


Plus, you'll get instant access to every NEW course we release during your annual subscription! Here are just a few that are coming soon...

(✓) 7-Figure Executive Conversations (value: $5,000) How to to Reach And Sell to Senior Executives (by a guy who has closed $50 million in 'mega deals' -- (Value: $5,000)

(✓) Cold Email Conversion Machine (value $997): How everyday SaaS sellers are using "headwind copywriting" to write fast and simple outbound emails that book dozens of sales meetings every month!


(✓) Elite Productivity for AEs (value $997) How to earn more by doing less... taught by one of the top SaaS AEs on the planet who consistently earns $500,000 per year working less than 35 hours per week.


(✓) Frontline Foundations (value $9,997). The Premiere Masterclass in becoming a top-producing frontline manager... master the art of hiring, coaching, pipeline management, metrics, and every aspect of frontline management... taught by one of the most prolific SaaS CROs in the world.


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My personal discovery deck (plus a video of how I use it), FREE

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What Our Students Are Saying:

Hey Chris, I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for your posts, courses, and other content. I finished my quarter at 152% and my half at 104% - largely due to your teachings and learning from your experiences.

Jasi Johnson

After having one of my first down quarters in my sales career, I went back to the drawing board and found your courses. Ended up finishing at 180% of Q4 quota and was able to lead the team in ARR for the year. Thanks a ton, the sales world has been in need of some clearly defined steps to success for a while!

Sean O'Brien

Trained our NAMER and EMEA teams on the Discovery Masterclass a few weeks ago and already seeing the increase in conversion and quality of opps. Several reps said this was the most real and actionable sales training they've ever been through

Alex Moffitt

There was so much goodness in the course that I created a cheatsheet until it becomes second nature. I've used the framework for my last two discovery calls, and they have been lightyears better than any call I've had. Just wanted to say thanks for making your wisdom and experience available to all of us.

Marshall Weill

This course will help you run shockingly great SaaS demos. Most SaaS demos are a roll of the dice and they’re left to chance. You simply HOPE it works. You’ll learn exact structure, frameworks, and techniques that help you double your demo success and walk into every demo call with confidence, knowing you’ve got proven frameworks to rely on

Luciano Scala

Before this course, I felt like every demo was a scramble to get right. Half the time, it felt like I was talking to a wall with buyers that tuned out or seemed indifferent. Now with these frameworks and techniques, I walk into every demo with total confidence that it’s going to resonate

Tom Alaimo

Running SaaS demos is the least-trained area of SaaS sales. There’s no shortage of content on discovery, prospecting, and negotiation. But where do you learn to absolutely crush your SaaS demos? Thank God for this course. It’s packed with techniques, reusable frameworks, examples, and even live role plays to close more SaaS deals

EJ Eitel

There's nothing like learning from someone who has seen it all AND bottled up those learnings for the rest of us. Chris's almost surgical approach to sales will leave you bulletproof for that next call and rethinking all the ones before - in the best way! If you care about your sales growth or are helping someone else level up their own, this is the fastest way to get moving!

Lorraine Pettit

Hey Chris - just wanted to give you props on the disco course - I'm training my team after taking it and seeing a ton of progress - especially the Cause Analysis and Negative Implications - the problems we are talking about with prospects went from leads/pipeline to CAC, Attrition, etc so it's been huge getting higher in the org

Griffin Casey